The concept

Modern people are on the move a lot, carrying their personal items with them. Headphones, lipstick, charger, all muddled together in their bag. That’s why we are launching the tin box to carry with you. To make your daily life more organised and protect your personal items from dust, dirt, water, light and knocks. The tin box comes in various designs, shapes and sizes.

The concept of using small tin boxes as a practical accessory came from our employees. Some of them have been using their own self-produced unique tin boxes for a long time to store their items simply and safely.

It’s now easy to order the trendy tin boxes from home or when you’re out and about.

Good reasons to get a tin box from tinboutic:

  • The tin box to carry with you
    When you’re out and about your electronics, jewellery, valuables, toiletries and other items are safely stored in a practical metal case. The stylish accessory fits in every pocket and can accompany you everywhere.

  • Collector’s edition
    Tin boxes for collectors: you can get the complete design collections or design pairs from us as collector’s tin boxes at a special price.

  • Tin materials
    The sturdy tin is produced from tinplate. It reliably protects your items from dust, dirt, water, light and knocks.

  • Made in Switzerland
    The tin boxes are produced by Hoffmann Neopac based in Thun.

  • Social engagement
    The round tin box is sorted and assembled in a sheltered workshop in Thun.

  • 100% recyclable
    Tin recycling is widespread in Switzerland. When you want to dispose of your tin box you can take it to any scrap metal collection point.